Dielectric: Metallized Polypropilene Film

Encapsulation: Tape wrap case


  • General resonance circuit.
  • Horizontal resonance circuit of TV set.
  • High frequency circuit.
  • Deflection circuits in TV-sets  (S-correction),resonant capacitor in electronic ballast and compact lamp,power fac-tor correction and coupling capacitor in SMPS, timing,oscillator circuits.



  • Self-healing properties.
  • Low DF and high IR.
  • High stability of capacitance and DF versus temperature and frequency.


Rated Voltage: 250VDC,400VDC,630VDC, 1000VDC.


Capacitance Range (mF): 0.001mF to 10mF.


Capacitance Tolerance: ± 5% , ± 10% , ± 20%


Pitch (m/m): Axial cylinder.


Operating Temperature Range: -55 to +105ºC  /  105ºC with 75% RV


Insulation Resistance: ³50000M for C=0.33mF      /      ³15000S for C > 0.33mF


Dissipation Factor: Tg < 20 · 10-4     At 1 KHz, 25ºC


Related Documents: IEC 60384-16      CECC 31200

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