Class: X1


Dielectric: Metallized polypropylene film..


Encapsulation: Plastic case.



  • Interference Suppression and Across-the-line applications. Suitablefor using in situations where failure of the capacitor would not lead to danger of electric shock.


  • Single Phase filter type.
  •  Non inductive.
  •  High moisture-resistance.
  •  Good solderability.
  •  Seal Healing properties.


Rated Voltage: 275VAC   50Hz/60Hz.


Capacitance Range (mF): 

Capacitor: 0.01µF, 0.033µF, 0.1µF

Resistor: 100~680W/0.5W 0.01 mF ~ 2.2 mF.


Capacitance Tolerance: +5%, +10%.


Pitch (m/m):  15, 22.5.


Temperature Range: -40ºC to +100ºC.


Insulation Resistance:  30000M for C < 0.33µF  /  10000S for C > 0.33µF.



Dissipation Factor: Tg < 30 · 10-4  at 10 KHz, 25 ºC.


Related Documents: EN 132400.


Approvals: VDE, UL

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